Monday, 28 June 2010

D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2010; June 24th and 25th

So this was the D&AD New Blood Exhibition 2010, at which I was fortunate enough to have some of my work and portfolio present, whilst representing the good ol' University of Wolverhampton. More importantly, despite the heat and general lack of oxygen, the Thursday evening (private view) and Friday morning that I attended provided many opportunities for perusing the rest of the show, a great deal of which (notably the booths of Westminster, Maidstone, Middlesex, Norwich, Kingston, and more...) were of enormous inspiration.
Needless to say, many prospectuses, business cards, and postcards found their way into my possession on both of those days...

Friday, 18 June 2010

'Larry' Zine Issues One and Two

So I'm currently in the process of writing 'Larry' issue three (I'm about half way through and somewhat optimistically hope to have it finished in the next two or three weeks...) and thought I'd just mention that I still have a couple of copies of the first two issues left. Descriptions are as follows:
Issue One is A5, 32 pages, B&W, and photocopied on 100% recycled paper. Each copy is hand tied with string, hand numbered, and has an outer cartridge paper cover with a window cut by hand with a rather blunt craft knife. It contains random writings on public transport, vegetarianism and some other stuff. Only 25 were made.
The second issue is A5, 28 pages, black and white, and photocopied on 100% recycled paper. Once again, they're hand tied, and have hand cut windows in the cartridge paper covers using the same rather blunt craft knife (I really must buy a new one...). This one has waffling on opportunities, relationships, communication, and a couple of other things. Only 30 were made.
If you would like a copy of either issue, feel free to drop me a message :)