Thursday, 18 July 2013

'The Screever' issue four...

'The Screever' issue four...

So yeah, issue four of me and Nat's zine The Screever is finished, and it's an EPIC 48 pages! It's only a teeny A6 size and photocopied in black and white, but there's a load of awesome stuff in it, including interviews with the mighty Stourbridge-based post-rock band Constant Waves, the lovely Lou from 13 O'Clock screenprinting, the rather incredible Tasha from A Zine Thing, and the unspeakably amazing Italian hardcore band Minus Tree, as well as pieces on Trees for Cities, Globe on Screen, and 'green graffiti', as well as the usual reviews, puzzles and recipe, so I think you should consider getting a copy. They can be ordered for a quid from Glass of Spit at:

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Thanks a lot! :D