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Oh, and you can also listen to most of this stuff / find out more here:

Joint Last - 'Forever Endeavour' CD-R

Four tracks of instrumental pop-punk:

1.) Sleep for a Week / Sleep's for the Weak
2.) Forever Endeavour
3.) Places that I Think I Remember
4.) Drafting Apologies

You can listen to the title track here:

Merridew - 'This Belongs To Us' CD

Second EP from this instrumental, melodic post-hardcore project, for fans of ENVY, MAHUMODO, and THE COPPERPOT JOURNALS.

1.) Summer
2.) The Kiss
3.) The Stages of Life
4.) Drifting Clouds
5.) The Dreamer

You can listen to the first track here:

and there should also be a link to the second track from there.

Merridew - 'Fears That Kindle Hope'

First EP / demo; three tracks of instrumental, melodic post-hardcore:

1.) Hope Deferred
2.) The Island of the Dead
3.) The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

You can give the last track a blast here:

'Snow in September' CD

Eight instrumental tracks of very mellow melodies that are good for listening to in the dark / falling asleep to:

1.) Waking to Whispers
2.) Azure Sky
3.) The Chorus
4.) The Blossom Closet
5.) Creatures in the Basement... (Part One)
6.) Ghosts in the Attic... (Part Two)
7.) Elegy
8.) Snow in September

You can hear the title track from it here: 

and see some physical shots of both formats here:

More music will come as soon as I get around to recording it... arr.