'The Routes We Wander' Zine...

'The Routes We Wander' is the zine that I've made issues of for the '24 Hour Zine Thing' challenge for the last three years. I guess knowing what you're going to make before the event starts is kind of cheating, but I never know until the morning where I'm going to go, or what I'm going to write about, so it's still a tonne of work for such a short period of time.
Anyway, these are the three that I've made so far. I'm not making any more copies of the first one, but I'll print you copies of issues two and three if you want them; they're A6, printed black and white, and feature line drawings with accompanying illustrations, just like in 'Larry'.
Trades obviously welcome... :)

'The Routes We Wander' issue three

This third issue features writings on 'thinking too much' and 'addictive misery' (jolly, I know...), with accompanying illustrations of the local canal. A6, 24 pages, black and white, and there's a lovely review of it here:

'The Routes We Wander' issue two

The second issue features a bunch of location drawings collated from a sketchbook made for me by a friend a long time ago, with vague writings about location drawings, and friendships, and...stuff.
A6, 24 pages, black and white, and printed on recycled paper.