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'The Screever' issue four
So yeah, issue four of me and Nat's zine The Screever is finished, and it's an EPIC 48 pages! It's only a teeny A6 size and photocopied in black and white, but there's a load of awesome stuff in it, including interviews with the mighty Stourbridge-based post-rock band Constant Waves, the lovely Lou from 13 O'Clock screenprinting, the rather incredible Tasha from A Zine Thing, and the unspeakably amazing Italian hardcore band Minus Tree, as well as pieces on Trees for Cities, Globe on Screen, and 'green graffiti', as well as the usual reviews, puzzles and recipe, so I think you should consider getting a copy.

'The Screever' issue three
Issue three of 'The Screever' is about A6, photocopied in black and white, and features interviews with Stourbridge drone master ADAM BECKLEY, Birmingham thrash / skate-punkers LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF, Birmingham Straight Edge promoters LOCKDOWNxCOLLECTIVE, DIY packaging wizard Tom from ACDSLEEVE, zine legend Catherine Elms from SPILL THE ZINES, and French / Belgian punk rock band SECULAR PLAGUE, plus a bunch of reviews, a couple of puzzles, and a Vegan Creme Egg recipe. Sounds awesome, right? I had to make this one alone as it seems that Nat has disappeared from the digital universe, but hopefully she'll return with a vengeance for the next one.
This one has a run of 150 copies.

'The Screever' issue two
A good three years after the first issue, me and Nat finally managed to complete the barely anticipated second issue of 'The Screever'. This one is A6, 40 pages long, and has a tonne of pretty cool people / stuff in it, such as folk-punk-troubadour Elly Kingdon, Stourbridge based experimental label Carnage Club, the wonders of 'National Theatre Live', awesome Birmingham-based publication Zine Arcade, and a tonne of other stuff.
We've made 200, and have a bunch left, so just drop me a message if you'd like a copy :)

'The Screever' issue one
Way back in Spring '09, me and Natalie O'Keeffe made the first issue of a zine called 'The Screever', named after a character in a book by George Orwell. It was A5, 28 pages (I think...), copied on recycled paper, and had a pretty heavy vegetarian / straightxedge lean to it.
I think we made about 85 copies, and managed to shift all of them. If you'd REALLY like one though, let me know and I'll print an extra special copy out for you...